Character profiles:
Henery Hawk
The little chickenhawk with a big appetite.
Henery Hawk first appeared in the 1942 Chuck Jones cartoon The Squawkin' Hawk. In this film he was a young hawk whose mother was trying to get him to eat a worm because he was too young to go after chickens. But Henery was stubborn and he goes after chickens behind her back.

Robert McKimson then decided to use the character for Walky, Talky, Hawky in 1946. He kept Henery as a young chickenhawk who is determined to have chicken - but there is one problem: he doesn't know what a chicken looks like. The rooster he happens to bump into (Foghorn Leghorn) tries to convince him that the barnyard dog is a chicken and things get confused from that point forward. Variations on this theme were used several more times during the Foghorn Leghorn series of cartoons.

Henery had two appearance other than his debut and the ones with Foghorn. You Were Never Duckier (1948, Jones) put Henery with another fowl character - Daffy Duck. Daffy tries to impersonate a rooster to get some prize money while Henery is looking for a chicken dinner for him and his dad. Henery also appeared in a small cameo during The Scarlet Pumpernickle (1950, Jones) as a messenger.

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