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Foggy Days and Foggy Nights
Themes for a Foggy Mood
This page serves as the home for a growing number of Foghorn Leghorn themes for use with your Windows desktop. Each includes an assortment of sounds, a wallpaper and some icons. Note that there are some additional wallpapers below the themes in case you want more variety. Keep watching for more themes to appear in the future. Of course if you have a Foghorn theme you really like, I'd be happy to offer it here as well, with full credit given to the author of course. Just go to the One Foggy Site Feedback page and drop me a note.
Foghorn Leghorn theme - Walky Talky Hawky
Walky Talky Hawky Theme
This theme features sound clips from the academy award nominated cartoon, Walky Talky Hawky - the first Foghorn Leghorn cartoon. The sounds are from Foghorn, Dawg and Henery Hawk. Select the image above to download this theme.
Friends of Foghorn Leghorn theme
The Friends of Foghorn Leghorn Theme
This theme features sounds from the various costars of Foghorn, including Dawg, Henery Hawk and Pappy. Select the image above to download this theme.
Foghorn Leghorn theme - tiled Foggy bgd
A Foghorn Leghorn Theme
This theme features clips from Foghorn Leghorn himself (along with a few sound effects). It also features a tiled background image of that rooster.
More Wallpaper Designs
Here are some other wallpaper designs you might prefer over the ones supplied with these themes. Select a thumbbnail image below to see it expanded to full size (approximately 800x600). I scanned all of these myself - they aren't just copied from another site, so if you use any of these, please provide a link back to One Foggy Site on your website.
New "Lovelorn Leghorn" Collage
lovelorn leghorn
Foggy laying down Henery pulling Foghorn Foghorn listening to hens Foghorn in a pot Foghorn giving posies to Prissy Foghorn Leghorn tiled background
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