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It's probably no surprise that I frequently receive email requests for information on finding Foghorn Leghorn videos and merchandise. Unfortunately I don't have any inside information in this area. However I decided that maybe I could somehow bring together those visitors who are aware of sources for Foggy stuff with those who come to One Foggy Site looking for his merchandise.

To accomplish this I have put together this page for listing all the known sources of Foghorn Leghorn merchandise. This includes all the sites I am aware of plus the ones suggested by visitors using the form at the bottom of the page. Note that these sites often change their offerings but any site I include here had Foghorn merchandise when it was added. If you think the site no longer has any, feel free to tell me that using the form below.

Disclaimer: I am not associated with any of the following sites or commercial outlets. This is being done strictly as a courtesy for fans. If you think your site is being left out, submit the suggestion to me and if it indeed is a worthwhile site with Foghorn merchandise, I will add it. See below for details on how to submit your site.

Possible Sources for Foghorn Leghorn Merchandise

  • Videos
    • The situation is not good regarding Foghorn Leghorn videos. There was only one video ever made which featured several Foghorn cartoons together - "Foghorn's Fractured Funnies" and it has been out of print for several years. (It does appear on eBay and other online auctions from time to time as well as Therefore it is very difficult to locate and is overpriced if you do find it. You can check to see if it is available from here.
  • Misc online merchandise
  • Retailers (these vary locally and the items they offer may change frequently)
    • Walmart (misc items including school supplies, kitchen supplies, sometimes shirts too)
    • Target (misc items in several departments)
    • K-Mart (misc items including school supplies, toys, some clothing)
  • Other ideas
    • From the "Looney Tunes Collector" Site look under the "General Menu" for the "Looney Links" page - it lists lots of places online and offline for Looney Tunes stuff
    • Keep your eyes open at garage sales (I nailed a great Foggy plush this way)
    • Check the various online auction sites

Suggestions and Feedback...

Do you sell Foghorn Leghorn merchandise on your website? Or do you know about a site that does? If so, you can help your fellow Foggy fans if you fill in the form below with the info. I'll take a look at it and will consider listing it on this page. There are a few rules about this - you gotta follow them if you hope to be listed (or kept on the list).
Guidelines for getting listed:
  1. I won't list temporary pages such as items in a current ebay auction. This is because I don't want to have this become a high-maintenence page with frequent turnover. I'm biased toward including reliable sites that will be a source of Foghorn merchandise for many months to come.
  2. Use this form to submit your suggestion or request. Be sure to identify yourself as the site owner if this is the case.
  3. I will not include banners so don't ask me to show yours. It isn't my decision - banners for commercial sites aren't allowed at this webhost.
  4. Remember that the purpose of this list is to help Foghorn Leghorn fans find merchandise featuring the big rooster. I strongly recommend that in your request you mention the url of a page at your site which has Foghorn merchandise. I will not include a listing if it is a cartoon or Looney tunes site without Foghorn items or if I have to look around too long trying to find the Foghorn stuff. Note that the list will be reviewed periodically and I will remove sites which no longer feature easily-locatable Foggy merchandise.

Use this form to submit your suggestions or feedback!

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