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Foghorn Leghorn Superchunk Info
Coming July 29, 2000
Cartoon Network has another "Superchunk" of Foghorn Leghorn cartoons scheduled for Saturday July 29, 2000. This means they will be showing 3 hours of Foghorn Leghorn cartoons from 4-7 PM ET. Last time they did this they showed 20 cartoons - which is more than half of the total number made. But which ones can you expect to see? Will it include your favorite cartoons? It's impossible to know for certain ahead of time, but here's so info to let you know what ones are the most likely ones to be shown. Most likely the playlist will be the same (or very nearly the same) as the one last 2 times (November 1999 and April 2000).
Past Foghorn Superchunks

Now our friends at CN had a Foghorn Superchunk once before in January 1999. Although it was only a 2 hour superchunk, they crammed a couple of extra cartoons in (they typically do 6 an hour) by including 14 cartoons. Here's a list of what they included (see the filmography for details about a specific cartoon plotline):

  1. Walky Talky Hawky
  2. Weasel Stop
  3. Fox Terror
  4. Banty Raids
  5. The Dixie Fryer
  6. Feather Dusted
  7. The Yolks on You
  8. Henhouse Henery
  9. Mother Was a Rooster
  10. Strangled Eggs
  11. Lovelorn Leghorn
  12. A Broken Leghorn
  13. Crowing Pains
  14. Raw! Raw! Rooster!
Cartoons Added Since The 1st Superchunk

Since this first superchunk, CN has obtained the rights to show several other Foghorn Leghorn cartoons, so this new superchunk could include some favorites they didn't have available previously. These are the ones they now have added to their library:

  • The Foghorn Leghorn
  • The Leghorn Blows at Midnight
  • Sock-A-Doodle-Doo
  • The Egg-cited Rooster
  • Little Boy Boo
  • Of Rice and Hen
  • Crockett Doodle-Doo
  • The Slick Chick
Cartoons Not in the CN Library

And these you should not expect to see since ABC has rights to them presently (although it is possible for CN to request special permission to show them):

  • Weasel While You Work
  • Plop Goes the Weasel
  • All Fowled Up
  • Feather Bluster
  • Leghorn Swoggled
  • The High and the Flighty
  • A Fractured Leghorn
Cartoons Shown Nov 13, 1999 and April 1, 2000

So here's the results - the list of cartoons they included in the superchunks -Nov 13, 1999 and April 1, 2000...

  1. Walky Talky Hawky
  2. Crowing Pains
  3. The Foghorn Leghorn
  4. Henhouse Henery
  5. The Leghorn Blows at Midnight
  6. Lovelorn Leghorn
  7. Sock-A-Doodle-Doo
  8. Of Rice and Hen
  9. Little Boy Boo
  10. Feather Dusted
  11. Weasel Stop
  12. Raw! Raw! Rooster!
  13. Fox Terror
  14. A Broken Leghorn
  15. The Dixie Fryer
  16. Strangled Eggs
  17. The Slick Chick
  18. Mother Was a Rooster
  19. Banty Raids
  20. The Yolks on You

Overall my predictions held up. It was a nice surprise to see that they showed the cartoons in their release order. You might have noticed that they included segments from A Fractured Leghorn in the teasers even though it wasn't shown as part of the lineup. The cartoons they had available but didn't show were The Egg-cited Rooster and Crockett Doodle-Doo. Perhaps CN doesn't plan to shows these due to political correctness (both of these has "Native American" portrayals...)

So in summary, there are some top-notch cartoons which have been added to the library and could be included (e.g. Little Boy Boo and Of Rice and Hen). In fact, you should expect to see most of the cartoons in the first two lists above. But if you are a weasel fan, only one of these is likely to be shown so you may be a tad disappointed. And one favorite, A Fractured Leghorn will most likely not be shown. Maybe they will surprise us! Anyway, enjoy the superchunk - it'll be the best opportunity ever to build a collection of Foghorn cartoons - and it won't likely happen again for several months.

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