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Married to a Looney?

No, not you personally, but rather, here's a rundown on all the cases where Looney Tunes characters were married.

the happy couple - Bugs and Elmer
Taz gets married
Daffy and his wife in Wise Quacks
Foghorn and Prissy
Bugs Bunny

Bugs is usually free of commitments, but he is shown to be married at the end of Hold the Lion, Please (1942, Jones) when "Mrs. Bugs Bunny" is shown to be "wearing the pants in the family". The lion is married to an unseen wife name Hortense.

Then in Haredevil Hare (1948, Jones) Bugs tries to avoid going being shot into space by saying he has "kids - lots of kids".

Then finally there are the two mock weddings with Elmer in The Rabbit of Seville(1950, Jones) and Bugs' Bonnets(1956, Jones) . A third wedding attempt happens in Hare Trimmed (1953, Freleng) with Yosemite Sam as the groom, but Sam backs out of it after discovering that it's Bugs dressed as Granny under the dress.

Elmer Fudd

Mrs. Fudd appears in Don't Axe Me (1958, McKimson) telling Elmer that she wants (Daffy) duck for dinner. The two are apparently made for one another for she has the same speech patterns as her hubby.

Then of course Elmer appears in weddings with Bugs in The Rabbit of Seville (1950, Jones) and Bugs' Bonnets (1956, Jones) .


Sylvester is shown as married in two cartoons. In A Mouse Divided (1953, Freleng) the inebriated stork delivers a mouse to Sylvester and wife and all the neighborhood cats want to get their paws on it.

Then there is Goldimouse and the Three Cats (1960, Freleng) , a retelling of the famous fairy tale, but with Goldilocks as a mouse, and rather than 3 bears, there are 3 cats: Sylvester, his wife and Sylvester Jr. In this tale Sylvester tries to catch the mouse, but as typically happens when Junior is in the picture, he keeps failing.

Tazmanian Devil

Bugs Bunny presides over the marriage of Taz and his she-devil in Devil May Hare(1954, McKimson) . She returns with rolling pin in hand in when Taz is attracted to Bugs in drag during Bedevilled Rabbit(1957, McKimson) .

Daffy Duck

Daffy was the most frequently married Looney Tune character.

In Wise Quacks (1939, Clampett) Daffy's wife hatches the brood and a partied-out Daffy must rescue one duckling from an eagle. The Henpecked Duck (1941, Clampett) involves Daffy and the Mrs. going to court. Then in Stork Naked (1955, Freleng) Daffy tries to prevent the inebriated stork from delivering a new bundle of joy to him and the Mrs.. Next, Daffy marries for money in His Bitter Half (1950, Freleng) . And finally, there's Quackodile Tears (1962, Freleng) in which Daffy's wife orders him to watch their egg, which he then gets mixed up with some crocodile eggs.

Foghorn Leghorn

Foghorn is shown married to two different hens during his stint in the farmyard. In The Egg-cited Rooster (1952, McKimson) Foggy is a henpecked rooster who is ordered to sit on an egg for Mrs. Leghorn.

At the closing scene of Of Rice and Hen (1953, McKimson) , he marries Miss Prissy.

Then there's also an implied marriage in Feather Bluster (1958, McKimson) when Foggy and Dawg have reached old age together and watch their progeny interact.

Porky Pig

Porky is never actually shown married in any of the original Looney Tunes cartoon, but he came close. In Naughty Neighbors (1939, Clampett) Porky and Petunia want to get married but the feud between their families is in the way. Then in Porky's Romance (1937, Tashlin) Porky and Petunia get married as part of Porky's nightmare. In the film The Dumb Patrol (1964, Chinquy) Bugs mentions "he's got a wife and six piglets at home" during a Porky cameo.

If you go beyond the original theatrical cartoons, then in the TV special Bugs Bunny's Christmas Carol (1979) Porky and Petunia are shown as married.

Yosemite Sam

Sam was married once, and it was for money in Honey's Money (1962, Freleng) when he married an extremely ugly and abusive (but wealthy) widow.

He also tried to marry a rich widow (Granny) in Hare Trimmed (1953, Freleng) but was not successful. As it turns out he backs out of a wedding with Bugs (who is dressed as Granny) when the disguise falls off.

Pepe LePew

Pepe is only shown married once, that being in his first film, Odor-able Kitty (1945, Jones) . He's shown here with both a wife and kids.


Granny isn't actually shown as married, but as recently widowed in Hare Trimmed (1953, Freleng) . Of course, being a rich widow, her money attracts the attentions of Yosemite Sam....

Others / Minor Characters

There were the Honeymousers which potrayed two mouse couples.

In The Merry Old Soul(1935, Freleng) , Old King Cole marries the woman who lives in the shoe.

Two mice (Susie and Johnny) get married near the end of The Mice Will Play (1938, Avery) .


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